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(If the child has been treated for any medical condition, we must have a release form from your doctor stating that your child is OK to participate in our program here at Legacy.)
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We will do our best to place your child into the classes best suited for their ability level. This does not always place them in classes with friends or on the day requested, but into a spot where learning is foremost. If you truly have a time issue, contact the studio, and we will do our best to work with you on it.

Tentative Class Schedule: Check the class you want to be registered in


MONDAY: (Invitation Only - Includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Clogging - All are required)

Studio Address: 325 N. Fleetwood Ave., Bartow FL 33830



  1. Dance payments are due to the first lesson of the month. Failure to pay by the 15th will result in a $10 late fee, after the 30th of the month the late will increase to $15.
  2. All returned checks will have a $40 fee added. We will not run them through a second time. You will need to come to pick up the returned check and make your payment with cash or credit card.
  3. All credit card transactions will have a $2 fee added.
  4. We charge a $75 recital fee which is due November 15th. All dancers will be given a ticket along with two more. This fee helps ensure the venue where the recital is held and the extra cost of the venue such as sound and stage management.
  5. We will post the recital date no later than January 30th.
  6. Do not allow your dancers or other children to climb on the benches inside or outside, throw objects, or go behind the studio or parked cars. This is for the safety of your family and others and applies to EVERYONE.
  7. ALL Dancers must wear tights or leggings to each class - NO EXCEPTIONS! School clothes are not allowed «as they do not provide proper roam for stretching. No baggy T-shirts. Shorts are fine as long as the child has tights or leggings on underneath. Two-piece outfits are fine however they must be covered up when leaving the studio. The only jewelry allowed is stud earrings. Please keep all bracelets and necklaces at home. Legacy Dance Studio will not be responsible for any lost or stolen jewelry. All hair must be pulled up in a ponytail or bun. BOYS- wear bike shorts or sweatpants anything that will allow proper stretching with no restrictions.
  8. We do not allow students to miss more than five classes during the course of the year, unless due to a prolonged illness or injury. Missing more than five classes can result in dismissal with no refund of costumes or any fees that have been paid. We do not excuse ballgames, gymnastics, cheerleading, or any other activities. We do, however, try to work around the church and school functions that arise on occasion. Please remember when your child is not at practice, it is hard to set lines or give special parts out. It isn't fair to them or their dance mates. Please do not use dance as a punishment for grades or behavior. Dance is a way to help a lot of kids cope with their feelings. This, too, isn’t fair to partners or formations that have been worked on in class. It only causes the students to get further behind.
  9. Dancers must have proper shoes for each class. If you need shoes, please let the office know. We would be glad to order them for you. Please note some shoes may be required to be painted for the recital. I try to avoid this as I know the cost of shoes is not cheap. A list of all shoes will be given when costumes are ordered so you can make sure you have the proper ones for the recital. Do not wear dance shoes coming into the studio or walking outside of the studio. It will ruin the bottoms of the shoes. Clogging and tap shoes must only be worn inside the studio or used on proper flooring. If your child wears them outside they can slip and fall, rocks and dirt con get stuck between the taps and that is a costly repair.
  10. We encourage you to record your child's dances and music so they are able to practice at home. Not all music is the same as the radio. I edit and add, Please check with me if you are unsure.
  11. Tights, a list of the color and style of tights will be given when costumes are ordered. I order them from the same company, so please unless approved do not purchase your recital hose elsewhere as they may not be the same color.
  12. Behavior issues will not be tolerated! From the dancers or parents. Please be respectful.
  13. NO GUM ALLOWED IN OR OUTSIDE OF THE STUDIO BY ANYONE! If you bring food or snacks, pick them up behind you. Throw your garbage away we have a trash bin in each room.
  14. ONLY DANCERS can be left at the studio during their class times. We are not a babysitting service! Please make sure you are here 10 minutes before your dancers' class is dismissed, If you are running late, please contact us If your child has not been picked up at their class dismissal and or studio closing hours, you may be charged a fee.
  15. We take the responsibility of teaching your child very seriously. We ask for your help by encouraging your child to be present in/at all classes, being on time, and overseeing practices at home, and providing any classroom needs. The basis for any good dancer comes from discipline, support, and encouragement from you. If you are positive and excited, they will be too. If you are negative, they lose their confidence and excitement and most times will give up trying.
  16. If a problem develops, please let us know. We will contact you as soon as we have a confirmed answer/ response.
  17. Costume orders are placed by January. Each costume will be $75 each, and must be paid in full by October 31st., If not paid for by October 31st. the fee goes up to $150. All costumes will be given out after April 15th. Any alterations that need to make will be your responsibility. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE COSTUMES ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN ORDERED. Costumes will not be given to the student if your account is behind. All accounts must be paid and up to date in order to receive costumes. If you decide to quit after the costumes have been ordered and/or before the recital, you must pay the remaining balance of the season of your Child's class fees in order to receive your Child's costumes. NO EXCEPTIONS! So please make sure your accounts are up to date so no child is left out!
  18. The Studio will be closed the following weeks, one week for Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas, and one week for Spring Break. We do not close for any special holidays. All fees remain the same for each month.
  19. Student and Parent use of social media, never post anything that could compromise the self-esteem of ANYONE with Legacy Dance Studio LLC., or any other dance studio. Do not post any negative comments about Legacy Dance Studio LLC., our performances, our dancers and families, or any events attended.
  20. We appreciate our dance families and their support, but we ask all parents to view their dancer in the lobby, we will open the door and invite you in if need be. Please do not take it upon yourself to enter the dance room for any reason as it is a distraction.
  21. All business matters must be directed to our office. To voice any concerns or questions with Mrs. Amanda or Mrs. Shelby, an appointment must be made. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should a parent walk into any dance room before, during, or after class.
  22. A $35 dollar Registration fee per student is due when you register. This fee is non-refundable.
  23. Prices are as followed for the first child: ( we offer a discount for each class you add)
  • Ist class $40 per month
  • 2nd class $30 per month
  • 3rd class $25 per month
  • 4th class & up $20 per month
Sibling fee
  • 1st class $30 per month
  • 2nd class $25 per month
  • 3rd class and up $20 per month

We also offer price discounts for household siblings. not cousins or siblings living in separate households.

Once you have read the entire rule sheet and understand your responsibilities, please fill out the attached registration form and return it with the $35 registration fee.

The registration form will not be accepted if any information is not provided or if you do not submit the registration fee. Each child must be registered on a separate form properly and fully completed. Do not let your children fill out the form. The provided information needs to be clear and correct. Return it as soon as possible as some classes fill up quickly.

Friend, like, and share the studio Facebook page. We try to keep it updated with any new or changed dates, reminders and deadlines, class cancellations, and special events. Thank you for choosing Legacy Dance Studio LLC. for your dance education, I am excited for a great year!